Autograph Shader

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🤔 What is it?

Autograph is a little shader of mine that draws 100% GPU-powered, ray-marched font. It includes the alphabet, letters, symbols, country flags, pride flags, and emojis, as well as a nice little UI to easily write your own text in the shader! You can add cool watermarks to your public avatars and worlds, add a name tag with personalization and life to your model, make interactive text in worlds, or anything you want with it!

🤯 What all can it do?

✨My hand-made shader font currently supports.. letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, 10+ symbols, 5+ emojis, and 10+ flags! Underlining also supported.

✨Control things such as rotation, letter spacing, position, sizing, and more all within the shader UI

✨Lots of color options - emission, 3D lighting shading, and moving gradients. Also, you can let a color bounce back and forth across your text.

✨Lots of rainbows!

✨Shakes, automatic hovering, waves, glitches, and modelo (shifting)!

✨Screen-space texture (meaning it moves with the camera) projected onto the text, as well as triplanar (meaning it wraps the words)

✨Lasers! Let a set of moving lines wrap around your text.

✨Annnnd more. For example, you can project your text onto people’s screens. Oh, and glitter.

🥺Optimized? Yes!

💜Falloff system allows for fading in and out based on distance (when too close or too far), and angle (when looking away). When it is invisible, it is not even running 99% of the shader code and thus barely even present.

💜Using Unity’s local keyword system (introduced in 2019) to exclude unused portions of code.

💜Branching hints manually included in the shader’s code.

💜Quality slider to adjust for your needs.

💜Only uses one cube, one material, and one shader!

💜No grabpass, camera textures, scripts, or anything like that is needed.

🥰What are you waiting for? Check it out!

✨Youtube trailer:

✨Youtube tutorial:

✨Imgur album:



✨My website:

✨Discord: luka#8375

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Autograph Shader

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