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June Lite Shader (Free VRChat Post-Processing)

luka (SALE!) (discord: lukalovesyou)
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June Lite is a free version of my post-procesisng shader “June” for Unity and VRChat. It includes a myriad of screen effects (think shakes, blurs, image filters, etc.) that you can apply to your VRChat avatar, VRChat world, Unity projects, and Unity games! If you are interested in the paid version, more information will follow at the bottom.

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🛸 Version two has landed! (May 5, 2023)

  • Some updates for VRChat
  • Fog, Glitch, and Animated Overlays
  • Improved UI
  • Shader and VRAM optimizations

🥺 What’s in June Lite?

  • Custom, fast and easy UI!
  • Smooth distance-based falloff and “UV” out-of-bounds cleaning
  • Gaussian Blur, Radial Blur, Chromatic Aberration
  • Horizontal and Vertical Borders
  • Color Manipulation (color grading, rgb and hsv controls, greyscale, invert, and posterization)
  • Distortion (sin cos, wavey, texture, wobble)
  • Filters (vignette, color crush, duotone, rainbow, film, grain, vhs, gradient, outline, glitch, astral, neon)
  • Image Overlay
  • “UV” Manipulation (transformation, movement, shake, pixelation, rotation, spherize, glitch)
  • Zoom

💎 Why use June Lite?

  • June Lite is a free and open-source version of June. It has a lot less effects, scripts, options, and styles in trade for a free experience and a permissable license.
  • You can make your own transformative works (avatars, worlds) and resell them with the shader included since it is free and open-source!
  • You can have a “trial” of my work and June before purchasing the paid version.
  • Sometimes you don’t need a full-stack of effects and just need a few effects. Lite excels here because it is super fast and small!
  • It’s perfect for new animators and creators, and it even has an “advice” tab for tutorials and valuable information about animating!

⭐ What can I use it for?

  • Avatar animations
  • Interactive worlds
  • Unity games
  • Work showcase
  • ... and anything you want!

😵‍💫 How do I use it?

  • Download the zip (Booth) or unitypackage (Gumroad), and drag and drop it into Unity.
  • Make a material, and make a cube and drag it onto it. Done! Now customize as you want.

📝 What is the license?

  • You may not edit the code, or redistribute the code alone.
  • You may not take the code for your own projects, or re-use it in any way.
  • You may redistribute the shader in transformative works (commercial or free) with proper attribution (see shader UI for more information). A transformative work would be an animation for an avatar, a world, or a game. For any questions, pleaes contact me on Discord (below).

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June Lite Shader (Free VRChat Post-Processing)

33 ratings
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