June 4.0 Shader

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June 4.0 Shader

luka song
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Once purchased, please add me on Discord (luka#8375) or email me (lukazoeysong@gmail.com) for access to the Discord server and for your authentication token!

UPDATE! January 30, 2022: Version 4.0 released! Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW_TeqC1iUA

Hi all! Today I am here to sell my post-processing shader and Unity toolbox, June.
It’s a shader made of magic, art, and sprinkles! (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆

★彡 What is in it precisely? A screen effects shader full of lots of stuff, a custom UI, and a few scripts to help you work in Unity!
★彡 Who and what is it for? Make musical animations, showcase your avatars with color grading and Unity camera controls, make cool effects for your game, make awesome power-up animations for your avatar, add a shake when you shoot a gun, create interactive VRChat worlds, anything – the possibilities end only in your mind.
★彡 Over 200 effects and modes, with over 2000 options for you to customize! Ranging from classics such as chromatic aberration and shake to new and unique like Dolly Zoom and Shatterwave!
★彡 100% Custom UI that is fast and efficient. Over 10 languages supported, lots of custom themes, automatic layers with render queue customization, gizmos for falloff representation, dozens of presets to help you learn, visual indication of what effects are being used and more!
★彡 Optimized via a module-based approach where only the code for the effects you need is even compiled in the release shader, among other things like smart branching and approximated math.
★彡 Surfknasen’s music animator now built-in for free! When you buy June, you can now automatically make animations to the beat of music in the UI without the need of other scripts. (can also can be bought separately on his booth and gumroad)
★彡 Luka’s (mine) Necromancer package now built-in for free! When you buy June, you can now control and test your avatars and animations in Unity as if you were in VRChat, control your camera to orbit your character, pose your character and save to animation files, and more! (can also can be bought separately on my booth and gumroad)

★彡 Lyric spritesheet creation script for the Overlay effect built-in!

★彡 AudioLink support!
★彡Many benefits such as free updates, free support from me, a Discord full of animators and creators, etc.!
★彡Much, much more for you to discover! This shader and script package will help you make the best possible VRChat, ChilloutVR, etc. content and can even aide in Unity development! So get June now and support a fellow smol creator :3
★彡 I just released version four! Let’s make magic together with June!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ‥…━━━★

★彡June is a one-time payment of 45 USD ~ no Patreon subscription bs (willing to offer discounts to content, world, avatar creators that use and promote)! Learn more, and get it through your favorite payment place-thing such as Paypal, Booth, Gumroad, and Crypto at www.luka.moe/june!
★彡Questions? Comments? Concerns? Cute cat pictures? Feel free to DM me on Discord @ luka#8375 or email me @ lukazoeysong@gmail.com!
★彡get here —> www.luka.moe/june

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June Shader Installation Package


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