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LookAtMe! Shader

luka (SALE!) (discord: lukalovesyou)
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LookAtMe! is a silly little shader to annoy the h*ck out of your friends. πŸ€ͺ

Buyer's Notice! Detect-a-Wall function requires some sort of light that provides depth information. Reach out if you need help setting it up!

What does it do? πŸ”­

- Projects 3D models to user's screens based on criteria you set!

- Let people as close as yoiu want or as far as you want see you in all your beauty!

Some examples that I've been using it for... 🎁

- You can make a plushie on your head have a toggle to spin around on people's screen.

- You can have a small miniature copy of you dancing in your hand that zooms in when people look at it.

- You can use it to project a monster in a horror world as a jumpscare :o

- You can make a key or hint in a puzzle game appear on someones POV with controllable rotation

- You can just annoy friends by appearing on their screen across the map and stick your tongue out at them :P

- Literally whatever. Be as silly as you want :D

Share the details! Now! πŸ₯Ή

- Options for distance scaling, angular scaling, and wall detection.

- Options for both manual and automatic squishing, rotating, panning, and shaking (brr).

- Control over zoom amount, the "transform to screen" amount, and position of the model on the screen.

- Full lighting system of course, with extra goodies like hue shifts.

This must be annoying to set up right? 🧐

- Just throw the shader on whatever you want to project.

- Set the zoom, position, rotation, and anything else you want.

- Animate it or toggle it so you aren't always zooming, please :)

- It even has a complete lighting system!

Need help? Ask through Discord luka[#]8375 or email lukazoeysong[@] πŸ€“

Ezpz lemon squeezy. πŸ‹

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LookAtMe! Shader

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