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MagicBounce: A.I. Texture Upscaler, Stylizer, and Optimizer

luka (SALE!) (discord: lukalovesyou)
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MagicBounce is an A.I. texture upscaler, optimizer (compressor), and editor script that integrates directly into your Unity project. With it, you can make your textures look more crisp, have a smaller file size, and bake in watermarks and color grading without relying on shaders. 🍄 Now updated to 2.5 as of May 2023!

🔮 What all can it do?

  • Image "super-scaling" powered by machine learning
  • Optimization and compression that will lower your project file sizes but not affect your quality (non-GPU compression, which is mostly reflected in your project itself, ex. packages)
  • 20 filters to bake into your textures, such as batch editing colors or watermarking
  • Use machine learning trained models to transfer various (10+) art styles to your texture or even live in your game's camera!
  • Super customizable with an easy to use UI and an easy setup menu

👗Your assets deserve to be beautiful!

  • Perform 2x, 4x, and 8x upscaling operations on one or many images at a time
  • Various levels of noise reduction to retain detail but also get rid of ugly upscaling artifacts
  • Uses an implementation of SRCNN that is built off of Unity's very own ML library Barracuda Models are trained on drawn and game texture-like images as opposed to real life images

🍞Make your projects easier to manage~

  • Choose between various compression methods
  • Automatically remove useless data (ex. metadata) and shrink unused information like Photoshop's large color palettes
  • Convert between various image formats

🐠With a lot of other super-powers

  • Tons of filters that you can pre-bake into your textures to save on GPU load later (instead of, say, doing it run-time with a shader). Watermark, Coloring, Blur/Sharpen, Greyscale, Invert, Hue Shift, Lighting, Sepia, Contrast, Oil, Edge, and more!
  • Tons of settings to tailor to your needs, as well as batch image processing Presets to save your settings you like, as well as some built-in ones.
  • A few other tools such as trying to fix materials that use your old image to switch to the new one.
  • Documentation included!
  • Free updates and support of course :)
  • Supports Unity Engine and Games, VRChat, ChilloutVR, and NeosVR (as well as just images in general)

🛸 And it speaks your language!

  • The setup script supports three languages: English, German (Deutsch), and Japanese (日本語)
  • The documentation and script itself supports seven languages: English, German (Deutsch), Japanese (日本語), Chinese (中文), Russian (русский), Spanish (español), and French (Français).

🤔But why use it over other tools like Photoshop, or online upscaling services?

  • Convienence. You can have a window anywhere in your Unity Editor with MagicBounce ready to go at all times.
  • Fast. A lot of programs that do AI upscaling, especially online ones, are slow or have long wait times.
  • Security. Your textures never leave your PC, and everything is done locally. A lot of online services log your data!
  • Beauty. Traditional upscaling (ex. bilinear filters) do a sort of blur-and-guess approach to upscaling images, whereas MagicBounce actually attempts to "redraw" the image.

Ultimately, MagicBounce just works. It is built in Unity, for Unity, with Unity.

✨You can learn more or contact me~

🍊A few notes..

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MagicBounce: A.I. Texture Upscaler, Stylizer, and Optimizer

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