Necromancer Script

luka (discord: lukalovesyou)
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Necromancer is a script to help bring your Unity to life, and help you make the best VRChat avatars! It is split into **three main parts**: player, camera, and poser.

Interested in combining Necromancer with post-processing effects? Check out my June Shader with Necromancer built into it automatically!

__**Control your avatars in Unity**, just like in VRChat__
★彡 Add a script to your avatar and enter play mode! Now you can control your avatar!!
★彡 Has physics, automatically generates colliders, and has configurable gravity. Respect dynamic bones and clothe fabrics!
★彡 Every key bind is configurable!
★彡 Use your own animations! Supports 25+ custom animations including Emotes 1-10, walking/running forward/backward, crouching and crouch movement, laying, and more!

__**Automate your camera!**, with five modes.__
★彡Orbit - automatically spin around your avatar to show it off!
★彡First/Third Person/Top Down - all unique ways to view your avatar as it moves around while testing
★彡Follow - follow behind your avatar, in a sort of “second-person” style
★彡Free - move the camera as you wish!

__**Make .anim files** with your keyboard in minutes!__
★彡Use WASD and a few other keys (all configurable) to make .anim files to use as poses for your avatar!
★彡One-click export once done to an .anim file that works in both Unity and Vrchat
★彡Has easy selection for all standard human bones, and a custom selection screen for bones of your choosing

__**And, overall..**__
★彡 Easy to use GUI with simple settings
★彡 Two example scenes with an avatar, camera, and animations all set up for you to try!
★彡 One click set up in menu bar and then one more click for the desired of the three scripts you want!
★彡 Friendly UI with built-in guides for every script in English, Deutsch, and 日本語
★彡 Support from me if you need it! Here on discord `luka#8375` or via email ``!

It is as easy to install as dragging and dropping a UnityPackage, which you will get when purchased! (No need to contact, or get authentication. Gumroad has all the files you need)

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Necromancer Unity Package

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Necromancer Script

5 ratings
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