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SafeSpace Shader

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Ever get really annoyed by some things in VRChat? πŸ™„ What if a world or friend's model has some annoying particles ✨ or animation that leaves your eyes blind.. 🫣 Safety limits in VRChat are a bit too strict sometimes, right? πŸ€” So what if you had a cute, decorative prop that you can toggle that let you filter out what you want! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸš€

πŸ›‘οΈWhat can it do?

  • Protect you from shaders and particles that typically over-render everything
  • Filter out non-avatar, non-world, and non-skybox level render queues
  • Share the safety experience with an animated dome that you place in the world
  • Ensure only you have this "safety effect" by using the helmet mode
  • Easy to setup prefabs with one-click toggle in game

🍱What comes in the package?

  • Four Dome Prefabs with different styles (hearts, hexagons, triangles, and spritesheet)
  • Two Helmet Prefabs with different styles (bubble helmet, invisible helmet)
  • Everything you need to get it set up!
  • An instruction PDF (also in PNG form) in English and Japanese with pictures

πŸ” And if you wanna get a bit technical~

  • Three custom shaders I wrote to make this work
  • The dome mesh (thanks Shinter)
  • FX layers for each variation of dome/helmet, as well as param and menu assets
  • Materials and animations for each of the prefab examples

Need help setting it up? πŸ”§ Have a question or found a bug? 🐞 Want a custom shader? πŸ’œ Please reach out to me!

Please note this is a SHADER setup. As such, you can customize the queues at which it will block and only the screen (avatars, particles, animations, shaders, etc. & not audio) will be affected. Enjoy!!

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SafeSpace Unity Package


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SafeSpace Shader

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