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Scifi Shader (V2!)

luka (SALE!) (discord: lukalovesyou)
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Update V2 (Feb 2023): Fixed VRChat lighting support, future-proofed with SPSI support, better UI, and complete rewrite of lighting system with much more stuff.


Toon Sci-fi Shader is a new shader for your worlds, avatars, props, accessories, or what have you that adds futuristic glowing waves over the object’s given texture. The waves are highly configurable and can range from pink hearts over hoodies, green sci-fi waves down spaceship corridors, or even rainbow paw-prints glowing on a backpack!

Core Features!

• Create animated, growing waves over your meshes with six modes: Circles, Waves, Ooze, Bubbles, Swirls, and Scanlines

• Use either the mesh’s UVs or wrap any object around perfectly with Triplanar waves! (in simple words: you can slap onto any model regardless of the UVs)

• Use any texture you want for the waves! The package includes 11 example icons (such as heart, star, hexagon, and paw-print)

• Fully customizable! Plenty of options for the waves, such as their scale, size, their color (or rainbow mode), and more!

• Support for toon-shading and normal maps

• Extra features like fading the waves with distance or having an LCD-screen when up close.

• AudioLink support for the wave’s width and opacity.

Technical details!

• Optimized! Uses local keywords to only include code you want and only two passes (one vertex-fragment and one shadowcaster)

• Works in Unity 2019 and newer

• 100% custom UI

• Small package - less than 1mb, and even less when excluding the example icons (easily redistributable in your works).

• Over 10 example materials included.

Difference in packages?

• Personal use means for any models or worlds that you make for yourself, it is a-okay!

• Commercial use means that any models or worlds that you gain profit from, make for others, or resell in package form, it is a-okay as well! (select this if you want to redistribute the files basically)

Need help, have questions, or want to commission me?

• Email:

• Discord: luka#8375

• Website:

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Scifi Shader (V2!)

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