Windwaker Water Shader (VRChat & Unity)

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Windwaker Water Shader (VRChat & Unity)

luka song
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This is a little side project of mine that started as a commission that I decided to release incase anybody else could potentially use it! It is a simple shader setup that works on a plane that mimics the cartoony water seen in the Nintendo game "Legend of Zelda Windwaker", and it is ready to be used in VRChat worlds and Unity projects! ⛡️

Some preview links.. 🎣

- Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/HdWFtlx

- Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aaHXp3ell8

What can the water shader do? 🌊

- Multi-layered, animated foam

- Customizable flowing of the foam

- Vertex waves

- Color based on the depth of the water

- Coloring of objects in the water

- Foam surrounding the shore and objects in the water

- Extra foam bubbles floating

What will I get by purchasing the shader? 🏝

- VR-ready and VR-optimized shader

- Only using textures for noise and distortion - no procedural generation!

- 2 scenes filled with materials and prefabs ready to be used or examined

- A document with a guide explaining every option and common issues in English, German, and Japanese

- Free updates and support from me :)

- A flexible license that while preventing redistribution directly allows the shader to be used in any Unity project or VRChat world as you see fit

- Supporting a smol independent developer trying to afford life!

Have questions? Want a custom shader? Contact me.. 🐠

- Discord: luka#8375

- Email: lukazoeysong@gmail.com

- Website: www.luka.moe

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Unity Package of Windwaker Shader!

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